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Heat Pump Repair & Service in Las Vegas

Heat pumps are an all-in-one system used for both heating and cooling. During summer, a heat pump acts as an air conditioner; when colder temps arrive, it draws heat from the outside to your home’s interior. Your heat pump provides a more uniform temperature throughout your home or office, and does not produce a sudden blast of hot air like a traditional furnace.

Heat pumps offer year-round energy-efficiency, cleaner air quality and quiet operation.

Heat Pump Services

You will prolong the life of your system with our routine maintenance Club Membership. Our 30 point HVAC inspection will ensure the proper operation and cleanliness of your system. You can rest assured that your utility bills will be lowered, your air quality will be improved, and your HVAC system will run for years to come. With more than thousands of comfort system installations under our belt and tens of thousands service calls, we take pride in our reputation with Southern Nevada homeowners. Our extensive knowledge and training ensures your project or service will be done right the first time–guaranteed.

Our trained heating and cooling professionals have the expertise to improve your home’s energy savings and indoor air quality with a better home comfort system.

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