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Two Ways Air Conditioning Services Can Fight Pollution

As much as we can, the expert HVAC techs at Sahara Air Conditioning are helping to improve the air quality in Las Vegas, and we are leading our industry in this cause. Las Vegas has been rated one of the worst cities for pollution in the US for several years now. We have an incredibly high rate of asthma and other respiratory illnesses because of the air we breathe.

Some of our problem is because we’re located in a valley. Some of it is because of a large need of gas, coal and oil. We as citizens living in the Las Vegas area can’t do much about the fact that we’re in a valley—somewhere that contaminants and allergens are naturally fenced in. But there are a couple of ways that HVAC professionals can improve the air quality in Las Vegas.

Our Energy Efficient HVAC Service Lowers Pollution

One of our two goals is to provide the most energy efficient, affordable HVAC repair service available. By using less electricity, this lowers pollution in Las Vegas.

Another obvious benefit to our clients: efficient HVAC service save money on their heating and air bill. We use the most energy efficient heat pumps, clean burning natural gas furnaces, and energy efficient ductless split systems.

Sahara Air Conditioning & Heating Services:

Did you know that in some cases, inadequate ducting in homes accounts for about 30% waste if it is in the attic? Cool air lost by unsealed connections in the ducts and badly planned routing (ie, significant lengths of ducting going through unconditioned areas) are the primary culprits.

Ductless systems bypass this problem entirely, needing only a 3 inch hole for the conduit. This conduit contains the condensate drain, power cable, suction tubing, and refrigerant tubing.

If you still need ducting, we provide sheet metal ducting, but also we have polypropylene and fiberglass ductwork, both of which have significantly less heat transfer than sheet metal.

We are also experts in custom-designed systems with ductwork that have earned us the position as one of the leading Las Vegas metal fabrication innovators. We have retrofitted and replaced countless systems to be more energy efficient and comfortable.

Innovations in Improving your Indoor Air Quality

Our other main goal for our customers is to maximize their comfort. One service we provide to do this also massively improves the air quality here. This work with both home air condition as well as business air conditioning systems.

For how bad Las Vegas pollution can be in the outdoors, it can be much worse inside, where you think you’re safe.  The statistics for indoor air quality can be truly frightening.

In fact, indoor air quality can be as much as 5 times worse than what it is outside. Especially in more modern homes, chemical contaminants such as nebulized cleaning chemicals, personal products and building materials (let alone tobacco smoke!) get trapped inside your home and cause harm to everyone in your family.

The same is true with biological contaminants like mold, bacteria and mildew, which all too often get worse without intervention.

Our systems for cleaning up the air indoors are top of the line. From state of the art electronic air cleaning systems and filters to duct-mounted UV lamps, we can handle any problems in your air.

If you already experience asthma and other respiratory problems, it especially important that you to contact us for a free estimate of our Las Vegas air conditioning services.

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