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How Las Vegas HVAC Services Protect Your Health

To many people in Las Vegas, HVAC services and maintenance are only important when the air conditioning system breaks down. The fact of the matter is that all air conditioning services, Las Vegas and beyond, also go a long way to protecting your health. One notorious example of air conditioning-related health problems had its 35th anniversary this last August.

Bad HVAC Service Caused Legionnaire’s Disease

Some people may be familiar with the origin of Legionnaire’s Disease. 35 years ago, several American Legion members caught this disease at a convention in Philadelphia. The bacteria were formed in the cooling tower and was spread through the ducting of the hotel’s ac system.

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Some accounts suggest that it was like an extreme cold or pneumonia. The actual facts of this illness are actually much more severe. Besides flu-like symptoms, the victim also gets gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, vomiting, shaking chills, and coughing up blood.

These days, treating this disease is fairly routine. But back then, before the bacterial cause was discovered, treatment was anything but easy.

Air Quality in Las Vegas Is Nothing to Sneeze At

One unfortunate fact about the air quality in Las Vegas is that we’re one of the highest-pollution cities in the United States. While we all do what we can to minimize air pollution here, the fact of the matter is that we live in a valley.

Living in a valley presents us with the unique challenge of minimizing the toxins that our cars and businesses release into the environment, while the geography of a valley tries to draw these same toxins back on top of us.

Air quality in Las Vegas is a big concern for (at least, it should be) for Las Vegas heating and cooling systems. Most modern homes are designed to prevent air exchanges between the indoors and outdoors—except when it comes to heating and cooling systems. In Las Vegas, air conditioning and heating systems have to be designed in such a way that our typical airborne pollutants do not get inside.

Las Vegas Heating and Cooling Systems Need Cutting Edge Service

Realistically speaking, an adequately designed and maintained climate control system will probably never give you Legionnaire’s Disease. However, Las Vegas heating and cooling systems need more than “adequate” maintenance and design.

The more we learn about the factors that can make you sick in your home, filtration systems have to become more efficient to accommodate. This, in turn, can require more efficient systems in general.

Between pollution and germs that can naturally grow in your HVAC system, the importance of having a top of the line system and routine maintenance cannot be over-emphasized. For your health, make sure that the air quality in your home is the best that it can be.

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