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6 Disturbing Facts About Indoor Air Quality—And How to Improve It

No offense, but the air inside your home is probably foul and filthy. Dirty air is one of the most underestimated causes of various ailments, including allergies, asthma, fatigue, and much more. Bad air quality can even affect your mood and temperament.

We take things like the crisp air of morning for granted. But the fact of the matter is, often, a breath of fresh air does wonders to reinvigorate the body and clean out toxins. According to EPA estimates, the air in our homes is two to five times more polluted than the air we breathe outside.

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Indoor Air Quality Facts Worth Thinking About

Since we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors, cleaning the air in our homes ought to be a no-brainer. The following stats are kind of horrific, but they made me realize just how important it is to clean the air inside the home:

  • The average 1500 square foot home will have 40 pounds of dust in it, polluting the air. That equals 640 ounces.
  • There are approximately 42,000 dust mites living in every ounce of dust. That means in our aforementioned 1500 square foot home, there are 26 million dust mites all over the place.
  • On average, dust mites leave fecal droppings about 20 times a day. This equates to 520 million fecal pellets per day being dropped in a home.
  • The average human will shed 18 pounds of skin per year. If an average couple spends 1/3 of the day, or 8 hours in bed, your mattress will weigh 12 pounds more every year.
  • A Harvard study showed that 100% of homes tested for indoor air pollution had one or more air quality problems.
  • 48.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma or allergies. Think of how many people suffer from these conditions without ever going to a doctor.

I think it’s best to be proactive about the air quality in Las Vegas especially. There are a lot of ways to clear out dust mites on a daily basis so that you’re breathing in pristine, clean air. It’s almost like choosing between drinking tap water or crystal clear natural spring water. Clean your indoor air with good humidification, filtration, germicidal, or oxidation systems.

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